Crime Patrol – A Review

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Crime Patrol is a 15-year-old series about true-life Crime. This reality series is about the murky world of murder, blackmail, rape and kidnapping. The fourth season is currently running, with episodes running for an hour or more.

Most episodes are complete in itself. Although production quality may not match American-made shows, the real-life sets more than make up for it. Besides, the stories are intriguing, and dramatised quite well, and keep us on the edge of our seats. You cannot stop until you see the ending. Sure, some of the stories are repetitive, but overall this is not the case.

Being true-life, the names in the series are all changed, and at times the location too. But the story is more or less based on facts, with a few additions/deletions – possibly done deliberately to make it sound different from a familiar real-life story.

Viewer reviews say that these stories are more than just entertainment. They make people aware of the bad things that can happen, and thus help them take precautions. That is what I felt too.

For the would-be criminals, there is a warning: Crime does not pay. There is some moral at the end of every story, pointed out by the anchor.

Some viewers feel that the show depicts too many sexual crimes. But the truth is that these stories on Crime Patrol are about real life, so what are we being prudish about? Do we not want to see reality? Secondly, only a minuscule of sexual crimes actually come to light, as has been explained here. And few people are aware that more little boys are raped than little girls. If all sexual crimes are reported to the police, many more Crime Patrol shows would be about sexual assault.

What can be toned down however are the graphic scenes. There is no need for blood and gore.

The actors in the show do an awesome job, but not the regular cast who act as the police personnel. The latter are like wooden stick figures, mouthing cliches. At times you see a spark, but mostly not. The other actors  (who make up the main story) give award-winning performances. Casting is superb.

The series is shot in Mumbai, in real-life locations. These locations enhance the feeling of reality.

The show is careful not to lambast the police. Mistakes by the police are glossed over. This is one area where the series diverges from reality. Considering that these serials are made from police files, it stands to reason that the police insist that producers portray them in a good light.

If you live in India, this series is a must-watch, even if you are addicted to the American crime shows on cable.

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